Lost in Storage - Find personal items lost in storage auctions or estate sales.

Lost in Storage *** Find personal documents that were lost to an Estate Sale or Storage Auction. *** Buyers: List items recovered from an Estate Sale or Storage Unit Auction here. Include as much information about the sale as possible. Storage Facility Name, Storage Unit Number, Town of Sale, Auction Service, Auctioneer, Estate Sale Service, etc.
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add to favorites Cedar chest--old and damaged
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The solid cedar chest my great-grandfather built for my great-grandmother before they were married. The top is coming off the base, it desperately needs refinishing. It won't have much value to anyone outside of my family, but it's priceless to us.
Thank you.
add to favorites Xmas ornaments
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All of my family's holiday ornaments beginning with my oldest son's first Christmas in 1989. A porcelain bootie with his name, Everett, and May 13, 1989. Keepsake ornaments from Yellowstone, New Orleans, Coeur d'Alene, etc. Homemade ornaments, crocheted snowflakes, and much, much more. Please, please help these things find their way home.
add to favorites Vandusen - u haul on Ella blvd in Houston Texas Elizabeth Daniel Van Dusen
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I would like to purchase back any items the buyer of my storage would like to sell.
add to favorites Mccoy/Fetterolf Photo Albums
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My father lost everything in his storage unit in San Jose, California in an auction on July 18, 2014 (I think) through Thomas Hayward Auctioneers. He has memory problems, and although I have my own pictures, I would like to locate his late mother's photo albums and any other family treasures that would be useless to anyone outside of the family. Included in the sale were an antique sewing machine and secretary desk. However, my only interest is in the photo albums and maybe some of the books my father had. I don't have a lot of information yet, but I will update that as I find it. Most of these photos may be in California, but some may be in Georgia or Alaska dated back to the 1950's or earlier. Most of the California pictures will probably be 1960 through 1980. One of the albums has a purple flower pattern, 1970 style. Names associated with these pictures and written on the back of the pictures will be primarily McCoy, Fetterolf or Hendrix. There may be a lot of travel photos including pictures of India and Hawaii, as well as my grandmother sitting on an elephant in India. Also there may be a framed photograph of three tween children on top of the Seattle Space Needle wrapped up in their coats. She also has a framed certificate from flying over Mt. Everest. My e-mail address is MccoyBerrcat@aol.com. Please place in the subject "Mccoy/Fetterolf Photo Albums so I can sort your e-mail from my spam folder.
add to favorites Soldier who lost everything
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I hired a moving company to move my stuff from Grand Prairie Texas to CA.. The company ended up stealing all that I owned and I heard that they possibly had it in storage. The company was BULLDOG MOVERS. This was in August of 2007. I had a lot of pictures and my military gear/awards/mementos. Also pictures of my late mother. My Name is Joseph A. Avila and any help in recovering any of these items would be greatly appreciated. I served from '98 to '07. Most of that time was before digital cameras came onto the scene. Obviously these pictures mean the world to me.
add to favorites Soldier
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I hired a moving company to move my stuff from Grand Prairie Texas to CA.. The company ended up stealing all that I owned and I heard that they possibly had it in storage. The company was BULLDOG MOVERS. This was in August of 2007. I had a lot of pictures and my military gear/awards/mementos. Also pictures of my late mother. My Name is Joseph A. Avila and any help in recovering any of these items would be greatly appreciated.
add to favorites Single Mom Lost Everything - Noah's Ark Storage #2045 at 841 N. Park Avenue, Apopka, FL
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I'm a single mother of two and recently found out that my storage unit #2045 located at Noah's Ark Storage 831 N. Park Avenue in Apopka, FL was auctioned due to non-payment. My children and I have been living in transitional housing because my ex was abusive while I was expecting my second child. We were only able to take a few items of clothing so I placed the little that I owned in this storage unit. I ended up losing my job shortly thereafter and gave birth prematurely because of all the stress. I tried to communicate with the owner my situation but found out my items were auctioned on November 13, 2014. So many special memories were in there....family photos, keepsakes, diplomas, my daughters toys and bedroom set, winter clothing (it's getting cold now). I'm willing to part with the furniture and household goods however I would PAY to have my special keepsakes back. If you or anyone you know may have knowledge of this unit, please response to this ad.

- Devastated Single Mom
add to favorites So many Memories and Items Lost
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My best friend of 20 years, Mari Ann McMahon, passed away recently. I lived with her family in Florida until Nov. 2012. I had fallen on hard times economically by then and returning to my family in Massachusetts was the only intelligent option. She and her family were evicted from where they were living a month after I left. She moved in with her brother for a while, and most of her belongings, including lots of precious memories of several decades were moved to Extra Space Storage in Hollywood. I payed the initial $30 to open the account, but they being totally indigent (and not having transportation), were unable to make any payments from that point on.
Their lot consisted of the following categories:
- Dozens of irreplaceable cassette tapes from our band. Mari and I formed a band in 1994 and these tapes contained dozens of our jam sessions and even some gigs that we did over two decades. Some of them even included tapes from Mari's father, who was also a great singer. My dream was to convert these to CD to promote them online. I was able to take a handful with me up North but so little compared with the entire lot. So much GREAT musical material has been lost!
-Mari's husband was an avid collecter, and he had hundreds of baseball and other types of cards, disney items, and many other types of collectibiles. They would have fetched thousands of dollars, and they tried sell them to different dealers. But by then, he had suffered a major stroke and the family fell on hard times.
-Dozens of Catholic religious items, statues of saints, books, old Bibles
- Countless paintings, watercolors, chalk drawings, and psychedelic art. They used to cover the walls of her house. She was such an artist. I would love to get a hold of this art to keep as memory of my friend.
-Tons of family photos and videos, including many of our trips to Disneyland.
-So many other items but I can't recall them at this point
After returning to New England I was in constant contact with the family and kept asking if they would take care of the storage, to no avail. They were in total poverty and the storage fees and monthly charges kept adding up. Since I had opened the storage account for them, Extra Space called me around May of 2013 and warned me that the lot was in danger of being lost to auction. I begged them to hold onto it as long they could but they were adamant that only money would save it. I explained to the manager about the family's dire situation but they were unmoved. So I paid them about $300 of my own money to delay it for another month or so. I explained the gravity of situation to Mari's daughter but saving her family's memories was never a priority for her. On the due date, I called Extra Space for another extension, but rules were the rules and they would not make an exception for me. They explained that the lot would go up to auction, and there was no way I could contact the auctioneers. But the manager said he would leave my number for them, and it was their discretion to call me back. Now I sit and wonder what became of all these items. Losing all those memories and items is an injustice. Now that my friend has passed away, I have been grieving deeply. I would be profoundly grateful to anyone who could locate and return these very sentimental items. Please help!!! If you know the whereabouts of any of these items call me at 754-204-7894 or send an email to night.flyer38@yahoo.com.

The lot was stored at:
Extra Space Storage
430 N Dixie Hwy
Hollywood FL, 33020
add to favorites family pictures & memorabilia
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I live in Murrieta, Ca and I lost my storage at Extra Space Storage in Murrieta, Ca off Winchester Road, but more importantly I lost all my pictures of my deceased father and grandmother and a lot of other irreplaceable family photos. I also lost a chest containing all different family memorabilia that was collected over the years. I'm really trying to get these items back because they are extremely valuable to me and my family. If anybody can help I would greatly appreciate it.
add to favorites MARKLAND FAMILY
Back in 2007, my father put everything we owned in storage after losing his job and house hoping that he would find work and be able to pay for the items. Unfortunately he didn't find a job. All our family albums and home videos were lost. I'm hoping that someone out there may have them. Please contact us.

The storage was Budget Store & Lock Self Storage
1090 MacArthur Rd
Whitehall, PA
add to favorites HELP--lost family photos, paintings, personal papers
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I lost my things in an auction at Northgate Storage in Bowling Green, Kentucky that I believe was held November 2012 or 2013. All my grandmother's dishes, etc., including bedroom furniture, dining set, my late husband's paintings, etc. etc. These things mean so much to me and my family.
add to favorites Lost photos/ china dolls/ and home videos
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My mom passed away in 2004 leaving a storage unit of all our precious belongings videos of first walk/ birthdays other relatives that have since past, also photo albums and a massive china doll collection... I was 14 when she died and un aware of this loss until recently
add to favorites Sold October 28 or 29, 2014
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My items were stored with a family members and sold the end of October from a storage unit on East Main Street in Mesa, AZ. My husband was killed in an accident, and our home was foreclosed. We were married for over forty (40) years and had a lot of stuff. I also had inherited dishes and antiques from my great-grandmother, grandmother and mother which were also stored. I was not aware of the late payments or that it had not been paid. I found out the day what was left of my life was sold. I am heart broke about this and will be greatful for any help. Round oak table with sideboard. Boxes/spacebages of baby items and clothes. at
least 3 boxes of Halloween decorations, years of Christmas decorations. So many things that have no
meaning to anyone but me. Lost now but I hope not
forever. decole4@hotmail.com
add to favorites Childhood Photos Lost - Petaluma
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A coworker let us store some blue tupperware bins in his storage unit since our place was too small for them. Unfortunately, turned out he wasn't paying his bills and never notified us. All of my childhood photos, diplomas and family memorabilia were in there and the person who purchased the lot has not returned them.

These mean the world to me and if you are the owner and have photos in blue/green tupperware bins from the UHaul storage unit in Petaluma, CA PLEASE contact me.

Thank you!
add to favorites Lost Personal and Business Items in MD
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My business and personal items were sold in an auction, when I was traveling. My two units were in Baltimore, MD at Extra Space Storage on Howard Street (Units 1125 and 1022). Auction dates
were 10-1-14 and 9-18-14. I am trying to get as much of my items returned as possible. Please contact me at keboston@aol.com.

add to favorites Lost Storage at Extra Space on Atlantic in brooklyn
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I recently lost my storage unit at Atlantic Ave. Extra Storage location. I had many things including my computer, bed, books and invaluable pictures and personal documents. I would love to retrieve my personal documents or to know know that they were properly disposed of.

I am not sure how often this is checked, but thought i would try to recover lost items.

Thank you.
add to favorites Lost in public storage north hollywood (whitsett)
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7500 Whitsett Ave, North Hollywood, CA 91605-3099 unit #C339.

I just lost everything I own including all my personal documents and writings, photos, everything of any value in my life. This storage was secured without my knowledge as I was and still am out of the country. If there is any way I could retrieve at least my documents and photos I would be exceedingly grateful!
add to favorites Unit 417 - Uhaul Cambridge MA
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Personal property not worth much to anyone but me and my children. Unit sold for $75. Will pay $1200.00 Yes. Had the funds and Uhaul blew it. Contact me - lrvarga@gmail.com
add to favorites birth certificate and memories
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We had a unit at Stor It on State St in Boise that would have sold at auction probably about a year ago. There were many varied things in the unit, including an unfinished armoire, a coffee table with a big scratch, and a women's snowboard. Among the items was a box labeled "Memories" which included many old papers and pictures from my childhood, along with my birth certificate. If you bought this unit, please contact me, I would love to be able to recover that box if possible. Also, if you still have it, we'd like to buy the snowboard back. skyyalpha at nospam gmail dot com.
add to favorites lost all i own
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My name is Joy an I lost all I own because of hard times. I had a unit at Public Storage 1000 W Patapsco Ave Baltimore Md 21230. The auction took place in July 2014. I wan to recover some of the items that are my world to me. If anyone can help me please respond . Pls contact me at jsjfolk3651@comcast.net.thank you