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With the recent surge in Storage Auctions, Foreclosures and Forced Estate Sales there will be more family photos, marriage certificates, legal documents, medical histories, military records and more sent to the landfills.

Moments after the Auctioneer announces "SOLD", the buyer is directed how and when to dispose of the personal documents contained in the bulk sale. Different states have different laws on how long the buyer must retain personal documents found in auctions. Some storage companies retain these items for a specified time rather than burdening the auction buyer. is the only place where the auction buyer can make a connection with the original owner. We offer blind shipping services for those wanting anonymity. Read more in the FAQ section.

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Not everyone wants to admit that they have lost items to a storage auction. It can and does happen to every walk of life. Please share this site whenever possible, you never know who you may be helping now or in the future.

Thank you to everyone that supports our efforts and shares our link.

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Lost in Storage

Post here if you LOST items to a Storage Unit Auction or Estate Sale. There is no charge. Include as much information about the sale as possible. Storage Facility Name, Storage Unit Number, Town of Sale, Auction Service, Auctioneer, Estate Sale Service, etc. Be sure to select the correct state/country from the side bar.
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add to favorites Public Storage- Centerpoint, Al 35215 unit F 28
No Picture
I'm praying that whoever bought my storage unit F28 from Public Storage Centerpoint, Alabama on Huffman Rd during 8/25-8/27/2014 maybe earlier, has it in their heart to give or at least sell me back my children's baby pictures & other things I'd saved since they were babies plus memorabilia from my son's high school football days such as the three footballs with his name, date, name of school(Leeds high), yards per carry & touchdowns on them also the numerous trophies, newspaper articles, pics, recruitment letters, family pictures & other things that truly mean the world to me & my family. Please please please help me out. Thank you!
No Picture
I really hope that you all can help me get my pictures, and other personal items back. My name is Lisa Silverman. My storage was at Calabasas Self Storage

All of my photos of my family and two boys. All hospital photos birth certificates and all baby books.
add to favorites Nassau Worldwide Moving and Storage
No Picture
We are searching for any information regarding a storage unit long held at Nassau Worldwide Moving and Storage of 63 Lamar Street, West Babylon, NY 11704. Contact names we have are Arthur Giantos and John Lord. Any information that would lead to the recovery of our property would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
I pray this message finds its way to the right person.

Dear Person Who Bought Storage Units 4032 and 4024 at auction on July 10, 2014 from CUBESMART 4771 ATLANTA RD SMYRNA GA:

Some items stored in these units are worth absolutely nothing to anyone else. And I pray that you still have them.


I will pay for return of all of these items.

If you have not sold items beside those above I will also gladly make you a lump sum offer exceeding what you paid CubeSmart. Please contact me at

What I would like you to know about Me:

I have reached out to CubeSmart several times both before and after the auction. During this time my mother was dying and I left Georgia for Pennsylvania. It's my fault I didn't keep up with the auction timeframe ... I'm sorry but my mother was dying ... I was overwhelmed with discussions about whether she should continue being fed and where she should be buried to say the least. But in the midst of this horribly sad time I sent an email asking CubeSmart for a two day extension for the money due them to be wired electronically to me from an insurance account. They declined even though my mother's hospice facility sent a letter on my behalf showing that she had been sick since June.

After the auction, CubeSmart also declined giving me any information about you though I have said I am not angry as I was too overcome with fear and sadness of my mother's condition at the time. And I am at peace knowing that I made the right choice in leaving Georgia. As it turns out, my mother died just days after you bought everything I owned.

Afterward, the funeral director also wrote a letter on my behalf that was sent along with my plea to CubeSmart to let me know how to find you so I could make a financial offer to you that would have exceeded what you paid them. I kept writing them but got no information in return even when I offered to prove what happened with a certified death certificate and a receipt that the funds I'd mentioned had been wired as agreed.

Please. Please. Whoever you are, send me an email. If you're an auctioneer or a buyer in this area, tell someone my story. Tell them that I need a happy ending to the worst time of my life. You might know them. Please pass the word on. If you've lost a parent, you know what I'm feeling. Hurt. Heartbreak. Sadness. Loss.

Thank you so much for listening... maybe this message will get to the right person in time.

I pray that it does.

add to favorites uhaul unit a484 houston texas
No Picture
hi i don't know if this works but I lost my medical and legacy papers along with pictures of my deceased parents the unit was in Houston texas please contact me as I lost everything I own, located in the unit. clothing, furniture, if at all possible I would like to recover items in the storage
add to favorites Please help!!
No Picture
Hi my name is Joslyn, I am looking for my both daughter's baby pictures. I had a storage room at Safeguards Storage in Lyons, il. The year was in 2006-2007. We have been looking every where.
add to favorites Junior League and High School awards
No Picture
Junior league trophies and high school Spartan awards. Two college diplomas and pictures. Please, please if you purchased unit 3061 at U-Store-It, will you contact me. I will pay for these sentimental items. My number is 314-449-8757.
add to favorites Custom made bar
No Picture
My father had a 6 ft bar custom made in 1968. When he became terminally ill, he gave it to me. I sanded & stained it a dark cherry. It was in my storage unit in Dallas, TX that was auctioned off on july 11th. I will do anything to get the bar back. I'm desperate to find the bar.
The auction was @ Pack & Stack Self Storage - Dallas . Unit # 519. The facility phone number is 972.444.8787 if anybody has information. Please help!
add to favorites family pictures & memorabilia
No Picture
I live in Murrieta, Ca and I lost my storage at Extra Space Storage in Murrieta, Ca off Winchester Road, but more importantly I lost all my pictures of my deceased father and grandmother and a lot of other irreplaceable family photos. I also lost a chest containing all different family memorabilia that was collected over the years. I'm really trying to get these items back because they are extremely valuable to me and my family. If anybody can help I would greatly appreciate it.
add to favorites Personal Items
No Picture
UHUAL storage in Savannah Ga on July 10, 2014 Clothes Military Paper work for discharge books Baby photos. Marriage Certs.If you have any of it please contact me with information i am willing to pay for it all and come get it as well
add to favorites Family pics lost between 2000-2002
Storage Unit was on 43rd Ave and Mcdowell. My mom suffered from a heart attack and stroke in 2000, and was not able to work anymore. My dad died in 1994, so she was the sole provider at the time. When she stopped working, she could not keep up with the payments. Shortly after we lost the storage, we lost our house as well. It is likely that our pictures were thrown away, but I pray they are still out there somewhere and can be returned. We lost a lot from our storage like an antique China cabinet, my dad's bass instrument, along with a lot of his other belongings, but the only thing we would ask for is our family pictures. If buyer still has them, God Bless you for keeping them all these years.
Here is a picture can be compared to some of the others that were lost. There were some from this family gathering and more. Thank you!
add to favorites Family Photos - East County of San Diego
No Picture
I do not know which storage unit my grandmothers things were put in. I am sure it is near Jamul, CA, so somewhere in Spring Valley or possibly El Cajon. There were several boxes of loose photos, mostly baby photos and younger children. There are candid ones as well as professional. I am not sure what else was in the unit. The claws came out after the funeral and my uncle denied giving us anything. I have recently heard he is losing his storage units that have all of her things in them. I really only care about the photos. Last names include; Bayne, Pue, Archer, Baldwin, Costner.
Thank you in advance.
Pictures of my mom and I were sold. My baby pictures and everything. I am a 22 year old female. Im biracial and my mother is white. The pictures all were framed. They were of me when i was about 4-6 of age. They were sold at the Public Storage in Daytona Beach Florida on Nova Rd. Things have changed and I will pay a BIG money as a reward to whoever finds my pictures. I will do anything to have those pictures back. My storage was sold about 3 years ago and i still get sick to my stomach thinking about the lost things but especially the pictures. Please im begging. Someone help find my pictures. My phone number is 386-675-7855 if any information please call me anytime.
add to favorites Napa, CA
No Picture
Lost family photos in storage unit in Napa, the 80's. Would love to find them for my children before I am gone. Names associated...McGeehon, Elder, Carlton, King. Thank you. Teri Carlton
add to favorites april or may 2013 storage lincoln ave unit 305 san jose ca
No Picture
hi i lost my storage think im april or may 2013 they never called me to let me no my storage was going up for auction but i really need my photos, yearbooks, diploma, my father passed away on fathers day years ago but i had a fenwick custom made fishing pole made for him it said custom made for soda pop my mom and dads china and old concert stubs please help me ive been very depressed thinking about these items thank you
add to favorites Lost storage in Columbus, Ohio
It really breaks my heart that I lost family pictures and awards from school in storage because everything that meant anything to me is gone but maybe it's still out there some where. The storage was in U Haul in Columbus Ohio on the east side by east land mall. It was sold on June 24th, 2014 there were probably about 8 boxes with blue print writing that said FIREPROOF on them and the name Rasheeda written on every side in purple marker I don't remember exactly the contents of each box but I do remember that there was a blue and white shoe box and in that box was family pictures, birthday cards, and letters from my dad and that box means the most to me. There were also a few toes in the storage 2 blues ones 1 which had shoes that another had stuffed animals which were pretty important to me too, the there was a purple tote that had clothes and another really important tote that was clear with a white top and it had lots of papers in there such as all the awards that I won from elementary school through high school. If anyone comes across these things or even think you do it would mean the world to me to have them back in my possession.
add to favorites Lost Numerous Personal Items
No Picture
This was an auction that took place in or around Ann Arbor, Michigan, between 2008-2010.

The locker contained personal items which were referred to as junk, but these had a lot of personal value to the family. A lot of children's plush toys that the daughter hoped to give to her children when she got older (includes Pokemon Charmander, a robot dog, and others).

There were many old records, plus some cassette recordings. We've actually seen the records around at area stores after they got sold off.

Along with various items like jewelry, furniture belonging to the mother, who passed away last year. The daughter would love to have them back. I know this is vague, I'll be trying to get more details.
add to favorites Please help me
No Picture
After my father died in April 2009 I received news that our home in Bakersfield, CA would be foreclosed. I asked a couple my father and I were friends with to store some items, including several old family photos, some of my father's things, and some mementos from his funeral: a crucifix and a VFW plaque. All these items were stored in this couple's home.

For a long time I had no actual fixed abode, living in people's houses and in a scrungy hotel for two years. I finally got on SSI and got a place of my own in January 2013, still here in Bakersfield, CA. By that time the couple had lost their own home, but they said their items and mine were in a public storage. However, they did not tell me which storage unit nor had they provided authorization for me to go and get my things; yet they insisted the items were safe. They had not even informed me of the loss of their home or storage of my items until after the fact.

In the last 7 or 8 months I had tried to contact this couple to get information on my possessions. For a very long time I received little response and no straight answers. Finally, June 13 2014, I heard from the woman who said the items had been "lost", claiming I had been given every opportunity to get the items back. Every opportunity??? After I had been asking for months and had not even been given the chance to get the things BEFORE these people moved out??

Few if any of the items involved are of much monetary value. But many of them are precious to me since they are a connection with my deceased father and other family members. I had a right to have these things back and it isn't as if I made no effort to get them. But more direct and honest communication would have made a big difference.

The woman also said a box with her mom's ashes had also been "lost". That may be true and I'm terribly sorry. But again, I might have helped her to keep them if only the couple had said something. I tried like crazy to keep in touch with these people with hardly any results until I got other people in on this, including the woman's son.

I am really heartsick about this and don't know what to do. I don't even know what unit had these things or when they were "lost". Please understand that this is not about THINGS. It's about MEMORIES.

I am on a fixed income and can't afford much of a "reward". If anyone can locate these items for me, at least the family photos, perhaps we can agree on small payment installments.
add to favorites Smart Stop Self Storage
No Picture
My name is Blair and I had my valuables in storage unit 306 at Smart Stop Self Storage in Crescent Springs, KY. I was involved in an auto accident and could not pay my unit fee, resulting in my items being sold. I am desperate to get them back. Please help me. Inside the unit was a handmade dollhouse with my initials "BN" on the brick chimney. I also had SEVERAL items from Kirklands and a handmade ottoman from a half whiskey barrel.
add to favorites StoreMore America unit 5187
These guys auctioned off my unit only three days after I made a payment. In this unit was everything dear to me and to my boyfriend. Please help if you bought this unit - I would pay double what you paid or more. Call or text 831 435 8443 any time day or night.