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With the recent surge in Storage Auctions, Foreclosures and Forced Estate Sales there will be more family photos, marriage certificates, legal documents, medical histories, military records and more sent to the landfills.

Moments after the Auctioneer announces "SOLD", the buyer is directed how and when to dispose of the personal documents contained in the bulk sale. Different states have different laws on how long the buyer must retain personal documents found in auctions. Some storage companies retain these items for a specified time rather than burdening the auction buyer. is the only place where the auction buyer can make a connection with the original owner. We offer blind shipping services for those wanting anonymity. Read more in the FAQ section.

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Not everyone wants to admit that they have lost items to a storage auction. It can and does happen to every walk of life. Please share this site whenever possible, you never know who you may be helping now or in the future.

Thank you to everyone that supports our efforts and shares our link.

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Lost in Storage

Post here if you LOST items to a Storage Unit Auction or Estate Sale. There is no charge. Include as much information about the sale as possible. Storage Facility Name, Storage Unit Number, Town of Sale, Auction Service, Auctioneer, Estate Sale Service, etc. Be sure to select the correct state/country from the side bar.
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add to favorites lost storage on 4_15_14 at 2240 N. Hollywood Way, 91505
No Picture
Please we lost everything , our kids things, photos , artwork, first everythings. The storage unit had several boxes of toys, our son's bed and their crib. Please if you bought it or have knowledge ,email me. Please we will buy back the photos and my grandmother's saints. My kids are in tears for their beds. We couldn't keep up with the payment , we are going through the worst part in our lives. It was a 10x20, unit 2058. It had enough furniture for a two bedroom apartment.
add to favorites PODS - Carson/Los Angeles
No Picture
My family lost two containers of household items from PODS. They were originally located in Carson, California. I am a teacher, a sister, a mother and a daughter. Many of the items hold so much sentimental value. Looking for personal pictures, art work, Story & Clark piano, african masks, etc. Please help. Willing to purchase.
add to favorites My Family
No Picture
All I am asking for is my family pictures and my daughter's college degree, high diploma, eighth grade diploma, and kindergarten diploma. Also her dolls. That's all I want from the storage I had at Manhattan Mini Storage located on 120 West 107th Street, New York,NY 10025 between Columbus & Amsterdam Avenue. I do not remember my #, but my name is Sanydee Myers. Also Manhattan Mini Storage sold my unit on December 19, 2013. No I was not notified. They said they sent letters to my PO box that I no longer own, and I know that I gave them my new address. Please email me @ I can also be reached at 646-316-1791.

Thank you.
add to favorites storage auction Evansville Indiana
APRIL 2013
UNIT # fk012
fickas road
i am willing to pay $1000 for my memories please call 812457-3725 anytime
BRAIDEN would be written on the back of lots of photos
Grandmothers wedding album
light Blue photo box sons birth
light Pink photo box sons 0-12 months
Photo album with family written on it /Tan
Small black photo album
Black and white photos of my grandparents also lots of family vacation pics from 1970's
Evelyn or Kenneth Heath lots of 5x7 black n white pics of my grandma playing the organ when she was young and singing in the Bethel temple choir, letters between my husband and myself
Tiffany or Jason Lewis
Bankers boxes with photo albums inside
lots of picture frames baby keepsakes school made artwork .If you have only one of these items i would be so grateful . I cant sleep i spend so much emotional time upset and torn apart thinking of never seeing these things again or being able to share them to my family. you will not regret helping me
add to favorites West Fuqua Self Storage unit #429
My name is Tyche' Brown and my sons name is George H. Hill iv. I lost my unit through a auction in March of 2014. Inside was everything I own and most importantly, a lot of sentimental items that wouldn't mean anything to anyone but me. I'm praying that items such as family photos (frames, albums and negatives from pictures) my sons trophies (which he cherished) and possibly any clothing that belong to the both of us. All of these items were stored in black or grey storage containers. I honestly don't recall putting them in any boxes but it's possible.
add to favorites Woodbridge
No Picture
My fiance lost all his family photos and diploma in a storage unit in Woodbridge, VA about 3 years ago. One of the pictures was a framed pastel or conte' portrait of his grandfather. He said the unit had an antique china cabinet with curved front glass, an antique table that had been refinished and disassembled. Also a washer and dryer among other things. All I am interested in finding are the photos and pictures. If anyone can point out how to begin searching for them I would appreciate it.
add to favorites Desperately seeking family photos
My mother had a storage unit in tucson Arizona. I don't know all the details so it could b between the years of 1998-2006 that's just a guess. Like I said I really don't know. But all our family photos were lost and I would love to have them back. I posted this picture incase someone would recognize any of our faces. My father recently passed away in January of this year and We do not have any past photos of him. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please pass along for others to see.
add to favorites REWARD !! PLEASE HELP UHAUL AUCTION 1/29/14 looking for my family pics in unit # 1221
No Picture
Hi ,please if anyone is out there who can help me retrieve my family photos that were inside my storage unit located at 26 th st and Indian school road unit # 1221 in Phoenix az. It was sold for 400 i cant begin to express the horrible feeling i feel knowing every memory that i had in life is now gone. I will offer a reward to the person who can return these to me. If there is anyone listening please help. I have no idea how to pursue my search. Please understand although it would be nice to buy my unit back i know its rightfully in the possession of the person who bought the units contents. Please please return my photos the box was behind all the furniture wedged in behind the metal bars inside the unit it would of been noticed because it was tightly secured in place my number is 6027517134 or 6029577066 please help
add to favorites REWARD !! PLEASE HELP UHAUL AUCTION 1/29/14. pics in unit # 1221
No Picture
Hi ,please if anyone is out there who can help me retrieve my family photos that were inside my storage unit located at 26 th st and Indian school road unit # 1221 in Phoenix az. It was sold for 400 i cant begin to express the horrible feeling i feel knowing every memory that i had in life is now gone. I will offer a reward to the person who can return these to me. If there is anyone listening please help. I have no idea how to pursue my search. Please understand although it would be nice to buy my unit back i know its rightfully in the posession of the persom who bout the units contents. Please please return my photos the box was behind all the furniture wedged in behind the metal bars inside the unit it would of been noticed because it was tightly secured in place my number is 6027517134 please help
add to favorites Lost EVERYTHING I owned!!! -12/13/2013 - Public Storage - Garden Grove
No Picture
I was incarcerated and was unable to pay my storage for 3 months . I am homeless and had all my belongings in storage. I MEAN EVERYTHING!!! Items such as all my medical records, ALL of my clothing, AND shoes, my laptop, tablet, motorcycle parts and boots, bicycles, family heirlooms and jewelry, the OEM camping equipment that came i my VW camper that I was hopefully going too restore stock, all the way to my purse.with my important cards and paperwork. Please, someone help me get some of my stuff back. Anything at this point would mean the world to me... Thank you got reading my sob story.
add to favorites WHITTIER CA PUBLIC STORAGE 90603
No Picture
Hello, please help
Storage at Public Storage Whittier, CA 90603
Around late October early November of last year we
lost storage due to difficult time of not working, furniture and other material things not to important but had Wedding Dress, Jewelry (Costume) Wedding gifts with our name on it, 4 yearbooks from Sierra High School,a Wedding CD and small album of our Wedding. If anyone can help please call me ph 562-587-0395
add to favorites Lawsuite for Family Belongings
No Picture
Hi, I am posting due to loss of a storage unit that was illegally auctioned off on Dec. 31st 2013 at 1954 W. Union Hills Dr. Phoenix, Arizona unit #5. My brother had a unit that was holding all belongings and the storage facility auctioned it off, they say due to non payment but that could not be further from the truth. My brother is hiring a lawyer to try and retrieve all items in this unit all photos both pic and videos, extensive doll collection, baby books, High School diplomas, Judy garland collection, home interior, iron 3pc bistro set, iron bench, child's bench, rocking chairs, antiques, antique side board, children's toys, Legos, bratz, outdoor fountain, washer, dryer, banks, doll clothes, children's clothes, baby teeth, first hair cuts, too much to list. He trusted them as a temp place for his items and was never even notified of an auction. He was not worried. goes to show you how they manage to have a parade float! They steal from others to line their pockets. If you have any info please contact us.
add to favorites Seeking photos, photo albums
No Picture
In 1988,under very stressful circumstances, I had to quickly move from my home in Wellington,FL. In 24 hrs, I packed a three bedroom house, my small daughter and sent my belongings to a WPB Storage facility. I cannot be certain, but I believe that the storage company was located on Okeechobee Blvd, near Military Trail to the West. I only went there once, and when I traveled to the area, it had changed so much that I was lost. I only had money for the movers and enough to temporarily house my daughter and myself. I know that this is a shot in the dark,but I continue to try and find just the photos, which include every photo I had of my life, my deceased parents and my only daughter until she was 13 years old. I have never forgiven myself. Family photos are most important, but as a reference, there were 2 large storage areas, that included:

Child and adult clothing, a family size library of books, patio furniture, jewelry and very nice leather and suede den and living room furniture. Dining room set, nice modern and expensive dining service, and great cooking utensils.

The photos include a wedding album and funeral albums for both my grandparents and parents.My heart has never healed from losing our family photos, my high school and college year books! Many awards from college and community. Among the photos were many from the 40s and 50s and have historical value to our family.

For identification purposes: School yearbooks include local schools, Palm Beach High School; Emerson College.Books include many management references and loads of literature in 1st edition.

If you think you might own these items or were a buyer, please contact me with questions/offer of repurchase.
add to favorites My Life
No Picture
My life was in my unit I had no where ekes to out the items. I lost my job and got behind on payment. This is a nightmare. I am reaching out for hope and the person who got my unit, I was at Public storage on Madison Heights. Unit number is A 7013. I will do anything to have my tunes returned. I am hoping to buy it back for what it was sold for. It is the holiday season I am looking for a miracle. My number is 248-470-3201
add to favorites uncle bobs storage unit 487 garland tx
Description February 13 or 18 th. 2014 Uncle Bobs in. Garland, Tx on Shilo. Unit # 487 Please if you buy storage unit and are going to one in garland tx uncle bobs. Please please contact me at 972-370-8589. My name is Jerry and i am about to loose the last of everything my wife and i have. I am trying to come up with what i owe to save all. Of are family pictures and personal items that are only worth anything to us. My wife and I have lost everything over the fee months. If i lose what we have left i will loose my wife. Please any information to help me.
add to favorites Lost My Stuff in PODS Auction
No Picture
Due to difficult circumstances I was forced to put my belongings into storage. Not being able to find a job for a long period of time, I was unable to keep up with the rental payments and my unit was put up for auction.

I am heartbroken over this loss. I am hoping to at least recover family photographs, school yearbooks, diplomas, religious items and any other personal items that would be of no value to anyone else.

My unit no. 736A48 was auctioned off at the PODS Storage Center in Hauppauge, NY on November 27, 2013.

If you still have these items, I would be so grateful to have these things returned to me. I may be able to provide some financial compensation. I can be contacted at
add to favorites Spokane storage unit photos of my Dad
No Picture
Photo album with the only pictures of my deceased father. the album was old (27 years aged album) had a parrot on it. The photos are polariod the year 1988 is hand writen on the photos maybe my name Tievon Gene Tachell or my Dads Arnie Eugene Louie also Year books from Omak High School 01, 00, 99, 98 Thank you
add to favorites Lost Pictures
No Picture
Hi,my name is Michelle. My husband and I lost our stoarge in Euless, Texas. We both lost our jobs and could not afford to pay the storage bill. We had our daughters entire childhood memories in that storage. I feel as though a part of me is gone forever. Those things I can never replace. I can only hope and wish whoever bought that storage would reach out to find us and return those items to me. The storage is located on Highway 10 right next to the gas station.
add to favorites Lost personal items. Had hard times
We lost so many things due to hard times. The materialistic items if we get them Back great if not its ok.

What we really want just like everyone else is getting our personal items back. Some of the items lost:

Criminal file and old pictures
My boyfriends deceased grandmothers pictures the only one he had.
My birth certificate both my kids my pass sport just to mention a few items .
add to favorites Possible baby photo album and other family items.
No Picture
Hello, I'm contacting you all on behalf of my mother. My father didn't pay the cost of storage for storage due to pride or whatever and ended up losing a lot of my mother's and grandmother's precious family belongings from Jamaica. I hate seeing my mother sad like this even after a year of it occurring. A possible photo album of me is one of the things that might have gone to auction. The cover of it should be a picture of a new born lighter skinned black child. I don't know where else to turn. I hope this possibly helps. Thank you.